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What's a Cookies Policy

A Cookies Policy is a policy that provides users with detailed information about the types of cookies a website uses, how these cookies are used, and how users can control cookies placement through limiting or forbidding a website to place cookies on his/her electronic device.

A Privacy Policy will often include a section within it that covers Cookies. However, in the EU, having a fully separate Cookies Policy is required.

In this case, any information about cookies can also be placed in the Privacy Policy but then referenced in the separate Cookies Policy.

Legal Requirements for Cookies Policies

Any EU business that uses cookies must comply with the EU Cookies Law, which requires a Cookie Policy to be in place. Visitors to your website must be alerted that cookies are in use, what kind of cookies are in use, and given the option to opt out of having these cookies placed on their devices.

A Cookie Policy is where this information can be thoroughly detailed and explained to your visitors.

While pop-up boxes and banner notifications alert users that cookies are being used and can allow for an option to opt out within that box or banner, this kind of policy is where further information can be detailed and accessible to your visitors at any time.

What to Include in Your Cookies Policy

All Cookies Policies will include the same basic information:

  • a) That cookies are in use on your website
  • b) What cookies are
  • c) What kind of cookies are in use (by you and/or third parties)
  • d) How and why you (and/or third parties) are using the cookies
  • e) How a user can opt out of having cookies placed on a device

Let's look at some examples of Cookies Policy clauses that address the above information.

You Use Cookies, and What Cookies are

Most Cookies Policies start by letting users know that cookies are in use, and telling them what cookies are. Simple, easy-to-understand language should be used here so that everyone is able to understand what the policy is saying.

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