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What are the most representative affiliate marketing examples?

Sites associated with the Amazon affiliate program abound, not so much for the commission earned but for the variety, security and prestige of Jeff Bezos’ ecommerce.

examples of affiliate marketing strategies is Every Day Carry, an interesting site of reviews of survival articles.

In Every Day Carry it is possible to find analyses of Swiss Army Knives, watches, flashlights, gadgets, backpacks, notebooks and other products, which are indispensable in the luggage of the adventurous public. All their links lead to Amazon products, where the purchase is made. The same happens in Gear Patrol, a site that covers a greater number of products and market niches.

Gear Patrol is another of Amazon’s best examples of affiliate websites. It is defined as a daily men’s magazine, specializing in travel, adventure, food and technology. In addition to receiving millions of daily visits, this site has a large community of loyal followers, who are redirected to Amazon through affiliate links. It is a clear example of a win-win relationship!

Switch and the ‘Money Saving Expert’ site

Money Saving Expert was founded by Martin Lewis, is based in the UK and boasts one of the most inspiring affiliate marketing cases.

The purpose of this site is to teach you how to save money and educate you on the main financial instruments.

The theme of Money Saving Expert is not conducive to use the affiliate systems of Amazon, eBay or other common programs. However, this site is highly profitable thanks to the affiliate links of uSwitch, TotallyMoney, Tradedoubler or Affiliate Window, among others. Without a doubt, one of those examples of affiliate marketing to imitate.

The Home Depot and the ‘Consumer Search’ site

Consumer Search is your product recommendation and analysis site. It was created in 1999 with a curious mission: to eliminate the commercial exaggeration and dishonesty of brands on the Internet.

By personally examining each new product, Consumer Search can recommend the best of the best from each category and market niche. Thanks to the independence of its professionals, the public relies on the transparency of their opinions.

Consumer Search revenue comes from links to affiliates of The Home Depot, a powerful U.S. retailer of DIY and household products. While Consumer Search earns a commission for each sale, The Home Depot increases visitor traffic and achieves powerful backlinks.

eBay and the ‘Glory Cycles’ site

Glory Cycles is the result of an excellent integration of BigCommerce and the eBay catalog. This online shop specializes in products and accessories for cyclists, as well as bicycles and related equipment. According to its creators, the mission of Glory Cycles is to use the web to connect our customers with exactly what they are.

An ecommerce affiliate program gives you scale and distribution. With affiliate marketing, you increase your reach faster and more consistently, and distribute your message to the widest possible audience on the Internet. Plus, your ecommerce business only pays affiliates after the sale takes place. When you partner your ecommerce platform with influential affiliates, they promote your products on their own sites and social media channels, leveraging their huge audiences to your advantage. In addition to increased exposure and brand awareness, the benefits of affiliate marketing include.

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